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A Review of Royal Condoms By A Sex Positive YouTuber

Posted by Neil Mehta on

What’s so unique about Royal Condoms? What’s so great about flavored condoms? Do they really tastes like the real thing? How do we trust Royal Condoms over other common brands?...are just a few questions we get asked on a daily basis.

These questions can be hard to answer without trying to stroke our own....ego (pun intended 😅). So instead of replying to emails, adding more monotonous FAQs on our website, or, quite frankly, taking our word for it, we decided to let a sex positive YoutTube expert, Chelsea Nichole, give you her own perspective of our condoms with an unfiltered review.

We had no idea what to expect. Would she like or hate our condoms? Watch and find out and get all your questions answered!

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