Royal Chocolate, 10 Pack

The Royal Chocolate is a special kind of dessert. After all, just about anything covered in chocolate tastes good, right? It just melts in your mouth...without the gooey mess. NO BREAKING, NO TEARING, NO LEAKING. Each and every condom is electronically tested not once, but THREE times to make sure that your condom doesn’t break, tear, or leak during sex: vaginal, oral, or anal. We’re also FDA approved making us one of the safest condoms available so you can always feel safe and secure while being in full control of your sexual experience. NO CHEAPLY MADE CONDOMS, ONLY HIGH QUALITY.  We never cut corners, especially when it comes to you and your partner’s safety. Everything we use must pass our strict quality control measures so we can provide you with the best condoms that are made from 100% non-toxic, pesticide free, high-quality latex and lubricants. NO DRYING UP.  Other condoms use water based lubricants that dry up quickly or silicone based lubricants that are oily and greasy. Royal condoms are covered in a food-grade, water-silicone based hybrid lube giving you the perfect balance of not drying out or feeling overly lubricated while maximizing long lasting comfort and pleasure. NO SLIPPING OFF AND NO MISLEADING SIZES.  We understand that each condom user varies from small, medium, large, to extra-large. Other condom brands use gimmicks like magnum, XXL, or XS without any context of measurements. At Royal, we want you to know what sizes you’re getting so you can feel comfortable without any worries: LENGTH: 182 mm minimum, WIDTH: 53-54 mm, THICKNESS: 0.064 mm. NO NASTY RUBBER LATEX SMELLS.  Both men and women are frustrated with current condoms offering cheap, nasty odors. We’ve solved the puzzle by covering our condoms in chocolate flavored, food-grade, non-toxic lubricants that eliminates the nasty rubber and waxy industrial latex smell that is common with other brands. These true-to-taste flavors not only taste and smell great but also invigorate your senses. You’ll get a sexual experience like no other, it will have you craving for more.   Click ADD TO CART NOW to elevate your sexual experience.
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Royal condoms are made to fit snug, with enough room for those more endowed among us.

  • Length - 182 mm minimum
  • Width - 53-54 mm
  • Thickness - 0.064-0.075 mm

We try to make things as easy as possible:

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Triple Tested

All of our condoms are electronically tested in-house and via an unbiased third party QA, to ensure the goalie is always blocking shots.

Climax Control

Designed to keep the party going. The ultra-thin latex allows for high sensation, so you can control to climax and savor every moment.

Discreet Shipping

Your sex is your business. Condoms arrive in a nondescript box and billing code on your card statement.


  • FDA Cleared
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Parben Free
  • Organic Latex
  • Tailored Fit
  • Nitrosamine Free
  • Cosmo Approved


    Natural latex, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Irganox-1330, Potassium Hydroxide, Zinc-N-dibutyl-dithio-carbonate, Oleic acid, Ammonia liquor, Cetodec-500, Bentinite clay, Vultamol NN 8906, U.S.P Corn Starch, Silicone, Food-grade flavor


    Natural rubber latex
    Organic, food-grade silicone lubricant
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